Feng Shui Friendly Furniture

Well its been a while between drinks, apologies life has been very busy with the building of the new workshop (I will post some pics soon)

I wanted to post about this commissioned job that was installed a few weeks ago.

This job was and is still being done in 3 stages. Below is 2 photos of the first sections. Im currently making a dining table which is the final section.

All of this work was for a small apartment space in Melbourne, where space and storage was a major issue and along with that, all the work had to be Feng Shui friendly as this was a major requirement for this client.

What does that mean you ask?

For those of you who don't know much about the elements of Feng Shui and applying that to furniture building and design. Its basically about making to a size that works for a space and is well balanced. While at the same time achieving the over all desired out come. For example, making a desk for a work space, the desk would be designed around the correct sizes for good prosperity and wealth. Making it a good productive area to work from. 

For this client it was more about the balance for the space due to the size restraints as the dwelling is very small and the furniture needed to balance each other and not be to over whelming and take over the room. While still all being built to the correct sizes for this space and having good energy. Over all the out come has been achieved and once the table goes into place it the space will be complete.   

I am by no means a Feng Shui master and working to this criteria is kinda new for me and supper exciting. 

Its something I myself as a furniture maker am really getting inspired by and totally understand how it can be so important and once items are installed you can really see how it works!

Stay tuned for more Feng Shui friendly furniture as there is a 2 tables in the works. Along with the 2 tables, all of my items I make for sale now will be all designed around Feng Shui measurements and sizes.

Feel free to have a chat with me if you have any ideas for yourself also.

Regards, KF.