Dining in style

Making a dining table is always so rewarding to me, mainly due to knowing whats going to happen on and around, in the future life of the table.

Dining tables generally always get a fair workout from many elements of everyday life. Those activities create many smiles and memories for friends and family to enjoy for years to come, well hopefully anyway!

This latest table was built from American White Ash, an imported timber into Australia (hence the name)

Once construction was completed the table was then finished with a natural oil product. This oil product was used mainly due to it being a eco friendly product, no chemicals and safe enough for you to eat off if all your dishes are dirty, or in use. 

The construction of this table was a little different than normal as I wanted to create a very slim thin looking frame, base. Yet still strong enough to support the weight of the top and have enough strength.

To do so I added another rail that is set lower and back from the one visible. This gave the frame the strength and integrity I was after while also stopping any wobble due to the table being higher than a standard table.

I also routed all the edges on all components giving all the edges a round finish. Along with the legs being tapered on one side. Sizing was also a little different as the table was built to Feng Shui measurements as the cloent requested. The finish sizes are 1730mm long, 870mm wide and 885mm high.  

Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions about this table or getting one lie it made just for your home.