Same but Different

It is very hard to be different with designs and joinery in this day and age. I generally try really hard to change things I build, so they are not the same as anyones else's, hopefully many of you have already noticed this by now? 

I recently took a quite popular design and changed its construction a little to try and make it my own in a simple yet effective way. 

I took and standard looped timber leg style design and changed how it was built to give extra strength and integrity while still maintaining the minimal look which many people are looking for in a dining table.

Instead of going for the standard 90 degree corner, I tweaked the bottom join to a 85 degree angle, making the top a 95 degree corner.

The main design, joinery change I came up with, was a variation on a classic carpentry joint. Commonly used in roofing constructions, normally known to many as a "birds mouth"

I applied this technique to the join in the table legs. Creating a very strong and interesting looking joint, one of which I personally have never seen used before in any table construction.

The top rails were all half lap joined and the same with the base rail, giving extra strength. All the joins then had a hole drilled right through and a timber dowel glued in place, eliminating any room for movement.

This table was made 100% from recycled timber and can easily be reproduced to any size.  


Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries. 

Thanks, KF