Black on Black

Black can be a very dominating colour when its in a furniture setting due to it being so strong and dominating of everything else around it. Many people will say black furniture is a big no in any setting because of these reasons.

In saying this, I think in the right environment Black furniture can really stand out and be a strong statement piece.

I made 2 of these tables for a client in Melbourne's CBD. The setting was already very loaded with timber, floors, ceiling and windows. So more timber was just going to be a little much and just blend into everything else around it. Hence why making tables that look a little different to the rest of the place was a must. Due to the environment being a tattoo parlour and having quite a lot of black leather chairs and work benches, black tables, a good contrast.

Both tops were constructed from recycled Oregon, then finished with a black oiled stain. I then oiled the tops quite a few more times with a counter top oil. Leaving the tops with a smooth clean finish for drawing on and easy clean up.

Both sets of legs were made from 10mm bent steel, powder coated black.

For more information regarding custom works like these please feel free to make contact and ask more questions. These tables can be reproduced to any size.