Recycled Boxes

When you have a space and need something to work with for storage or an entertainment unit, at an affordable budget, this could be the option for you?

The beauty of this style is you can stack them and pack them how ever you like, with what ever you like. Another bonus is if you are a renter over a home owner, they are easy to pick up and move when you choose to do so.

I made these boxes from recycled timber floorboards that I salvaged from an old house that was demolished in Melbourne.

These boxes are 400mm deep. The 2 smaller ones are 400x400mm, the other is 600x400mm and the large ones 1400x400mm. Finished with a natural oil product. 

Boxes can be made to any size required, what ever suits your needs and budget.

Please feel free to contact Theory of Willow for any further questions.