Bringing the old to the new.

When I first discovered this recycled Oregon, it was the rafters in an old carport at the clients house. 

I waited until the demo was done, then promptly collected the goods ready for building. 

As my clients were building a new house I had a little time on my hands to come up with something cool for the clients to tie the old in with the new. 

This timber had some sentimental value to the clients from some family history so I really wanted to give them something back that they could continue to value into the future with the new home.

I used the recycled timber to create the tops for this outdoor setting and had some custom steel work done by the metal wizard Dallas Augustine (Sallad Engineering and Workshop and Design)

Dallas did a fantastic job on the stainless steel, which really set off the tops for the table and benches.

The timber was done in an old Japanese Shou Sugi Ban (burning) technique to give the detailed textured finish and colour.

All the timber was finished and sealed with a marine grade varnish for longer outdoors life.


This setting was all made to Feng Shui sizes for the clients space and requirements.