Foiled Sidebaord

Most people would not know that I also make surfboards. Making surfboards requires a few techniques, some of which are like furniture, some not at all. 

I have been making Birch Plywood sideboards for a number of years now and wanted to do something a little different and change that standard looking unit.

What I came up with was a combination of a few things, one of them was using a surfboard building technique, used to make fins.

A fin has a thicker base and generally gets thinner at the back of the fin and the tip. This is called the foil. People have been building fins from plywood for many years and many still do today. 

I applied this technique to my sideboard, foiled the plywood in parts to give the desired effect. Also doing so with the white film plywood also gives a much stronger contrast.

I also used a rustic plywood back in 2/3 of the unit, which is basically many little rips of plywood laminated together to give the effect it does. A perfect match for this design. Well I think so anyway. 

This unit is 1900mm long, 300mm deep and 700mm high.

I can reproduce this unit to any size and many other colours.