About Theory of Willow.



Theory of Willow is brought to you by Kyme Farley.

Kyme Farley is a qualified furniture maker with multiple years experience in the industry.

Combining recycled and new materials to create modern and eclectic custom designs.

At Theory of Willow, Kyme believes that when you use eco-friendly and recycled timber to create modern concepts you transform lifeless timber into something unique and stylish. Many times giving timber a 3rd life.

While giving clients a personal input into a custom piece made solely for them. 

Based on Phillip Island, sourcing recycled materials locally and state wide.

All new materials are sustainable products and all finishing products are friendly on the environment. 

Theory of Willow strives to create eclectic and uniquely designed timber home wares, furniture, custom built installations and lighting all crafted by hand. Working mainly with recycled timbers, many other materials are frequently used, metals, plywoods, glass and sustainable grown timbers.

Our pieces range from small shelving and storage solutions to large custom built installations for private or commercial use, tables, book shelves, doors, lighting, racks and a range of curious and beautiful household adornments. Along with any other custom built projects you, the client would like constructed. Everything is possible and all briefs are achiveable.

Kyme endeavours to create products and techniques that have not been seen before.

Feel free to make contact in regards to any ideas you may have as Kyme is always willing to discuss ideas for future projects.

Lead times are around 4-8 weeks for most orders.