This section is dedicated to giving you, the clients, some more information, and hopes to answer some of the commonly asked questions we get here at Theory of Willow.


- Can you design me something to meet my specific needs and design brief?

- The bulk of Theory of Willow's work are privately commissioned pieces and we are more than happy to sit down and discuss options in regards to your desired outcomes, materials, finishes, brief and also budget. Some people know what they want and others do not. This is fine, thats what we are here for, to help in whatever capacity required to see your vision come to life. We are more than happy to make you something totally new or tweak and existing design. Feel free to bring along photos that have inspired your ideas, however please keep in mind we will never directly copy the work of others.


How do I get a quote, and what is the process from there.

- Quotes are provided free of charge at Theory of Willow, some design fees maybe charged depending solely on each project and the time spent designing. Once your piece has been quoted, that price is fixed, provided no further design or material variations are made (on the rare occasion the cost of materials fluctuates then a discussion will be had between both parties in relation to the changes). Quotes are valid for 30 days due to this reason. If you wish to proceed with the order, a 50% deposit is required before any work will commence.


- What sort of materials and finishes do I want ?

- It's ok to be a little confused about what sort of material would work best for your design, there are so many different species of new and recycled timber it can be hard to choose. At Theory of Willow we are happy to help guide you through this. We are very passionate about using recycled timbers for many reasons. In saying that, there is a lot of high quality new, local and imported timbers available for furniture making. We suggest you have a look around your space and think about whats going to fit in cohesively. For example, if you have hardwood floors from Australian timbers that are full of gum vein feature, then a Messmate top similar might be a good fit. Or maybe your house is full of clean darker tones? Maybe some quality light American Oak or White Ash maybe a better fit. If your still a little confused, refer back to those pictures you've been looking at and see whats your favourite? Based on this we can get a really clear idea of the direction you are going for.  In regards to finishes, we use a natural oil or natural varnish predominately. Both are eco-friendly, very durable and well wearing. We are always happy to supply samples of materials and finishes. 


- Lead Times?

What is a "lead time" you ask? This is the time between deposits being paid and job completion, delivered to you. Once deposits are paid our average lead time is 4-8 weeks job dependent. However this time can change depending on what other jobs are on the cards at any one time. If you have a dead line, it is best to discuss this with us at the start of the design process in order to avoid delays in getting your piece/s delivered on time. 


- Shipping, I live interstate, can you get pieces to me?

We offer Australia wide transport options via the postal service or private courier companies. This transport is on the cost of the client. We also offer personal delivery within most of Victoria and can arrange other options such as pick up on request. We have a freight broker we deal with to get the best service available for our clients. 


- Why is custom made furniture more expensive?

Every one of the pieces made at Theory of Willow is carefully crafted by two hands, local Australian hands, not imported. Hands with many qualified years experience which are full of love and passion. We also select quality products, personally picked by our craftsman Kyme, for each piece. This all takes time and making something to last a lifetime is not a quick process like it might be from a machine in a manufacturing city over seas. Our products are built for you by us to last for generations. Our pieces are made to a high standard, no corners are cut and each piece is only for you. This being said, we welcome you to discuss your budget with us from the start, as there are usually options for making something work within a desired price range.


- Can I order online? Via email?

- Many of our interstate orders are done via email or phone. We are very passionate about good communication and have a pretty quick response time, but please remember, we are human and not robots so at times we appreciate your patience. If you are wishing to proceed in this manner, we will be providing you with photos of progress along the way as our main goal is to make you a happy customer. Please keep in mind that we also do have days off like most sane people and need rest. So if you're trying to get hold of Theory of Willow outside of reasonable hours then you may have to wait till a suitable time. 


- Can I bring you timber to use in a piece?


- We are more than happy for clients to bring us product to use on projects. However keep it mind that it needs to be suitable to work with, straight, dry, etc. We are also happy to recycle, up-cycle timber as well. Labour costs are involved for de-nailing and dressing of the timber.


- Do you have a store front, showroom I can visit?

- Currently we do not have a showroom or retail outlet due to the nature of our commissioned works. You are always welcome to come past the workshop once a time has be organised. Or, have a look at our social media accounts or the Latest section of our website.


If you have any further questions that are not covered here please feel free to contact us and have a chat, thanks.